Karen Northshield (32) a Belgian-American woman, suffered life-threatening injuries in the attacks on Brussels on 22 March 2016. Two years after the attacks, she is the only victim still in hospital.

Karen was about to take a flight to the US when the terrorists detonated their bombs. She spent 79 days in intensive care. Her life is no longer in danger, but there isn’t much good news beside that. Karen has injuries that can best be described as war wounds. There are pieces of iron in her left leg and abdomen. 

Her left hip is gone. She now has a large hole in her side. A bacterial infection she caught in hospital meant that her stomach and spleen had to be removed. The bacteria are still in her system. This is the source of her ongoing suffering. 

Before the attacks, Karen was a swimming and yoga teacher, and then a personal trainer at several highly regarded Brussels fitness centres. Now she can’t do anything. 

Last year, on the first anniversary of the attacks, she told De Standaard her story. Here you can find the video we published last year.